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Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions

Our commercial air conditioning solutions create a perfectly comfortable environment whether it be the height of summer or the middle of winter.

We provide great comfort to a variety of commercial businesses such as restaurants, shops, offices, hotels and many more. Cool Dynamics can ensure that you have a pleasant indoor environment for whatever type of commercial premises you own. 

We provide you with a total climate management solution. This puts you in control of the climate at all times of day, and we make alterations to the whole system or to individual areas.


Our effective solutions can offer total control of hotel air conditioning in communal areas and individual rooms.

Cool Dynamics were trusted with installing air conditioning units into over 200 rooms of a the newly refurbished hotel at Gatwick Airport, a hotel which continues to go from strength to strength.


To create the ideal shop environment, it’s vital to offer a perfectly comfortable climate from the moment your potential customers step into your store.

To achieve such an environment, shops may require a combination of shop air conditioning, heating and ventilation and an easy way to manage it all. Cool Dynamics has helped luxury stores get this in their busy stores around the UK.


A great ambience is vital for any successful restaurant, and a well installed and maintained air conditioning solution is key to creating the perfect environment. We can offer total control of temperature, air quality and humidity so that your restaurant is always comfortable and welcoming for the diners, no matter how many people may come in.

Visual appearance is also important to how people perceive your restaurant. We can install a range of concealed ceiling units to keep the dining floor space free for the diners.


Creating a great working environment is essential for the success of a business. We can provide a market leading solution to office air conditioning that can help to create the ideal climate for your office.

Cool Dynamics can offer a solution that suits you that will ultimately help to ensure everyone feels good at work.

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