Audio & Visual

Multi-Room Sound Systems

We can offer and install a range of multi-room sound and home automation control systems from a variety of manufacturers and to suit your own specification.

This will provide you with simultaneous access and control over all types of audio sources, such as internet radio, stored music files, as well as control and automation over house video and media devices, all from the touch of your tablet or smart phone.

Home Cinema

If you are looking for a quality cinema system that will give you and the rest of your family hours of enjoyment then you have come to right place. With our skills and knowledge to design and install, we can turn your standard TV room into your own private cinema!  
With the latest digital technologies offering ever better picture and sound qualities, the ability to recreate the true cinema experience in the modern home has never been more in demand. We offer a complete range of bespoke home cinema rooms systems for all shapes and sizes. 

Aerial & Satellite Distribution Systems

Our aerial and satellite distribution systems are guaranteed to give you the best possible picture, whatever your viewing choice. From freeview TV to Sky Q multi-room systems, our experienced team of installers are there to help.
We also offer the service of mounting and programming your new TVs so all you have to do it sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite box sets and films without the hassle of setting anything up.

Lighting Controls

Lighting can be just as important as video and sound. Good lighting can create the perfect living environment in your home.

We offer a limitless range of lighting control products, extending from simple one room solutions such as a home cinema system, up to full house controls, that can in most cases be integrated with audio, visual control systems all under one app on your tablet or smart phone.

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