Telephone, Data & Networking

Home Networks & Wi-Fi Solutions

As technology advances and more computers and smart handset devices are being featured into homes, the ability to support these home networked devices is essential. This can be done by either stable Wi-Fi or hard wiring to outlets throughout your home.

We can provide a range of Wi-Fi solutions tailored to you to ensure that your home network can cope with your requirements in every room of the house and give you the maximum signal strength possible with the use of Wi-Fi boosters.

Structured Cabling For Businesses

Our copper and fibre cabling installations ensure your infrastructure matches your business’ performance needs, both now and for years to come. Whether you’re moving to a new premises or if your  business growth means re-designing the layout of your office space, then we can advise, design and install to your new requirements.
If you are suffering from any networking issues such as slow internet connectivity, then we are able to assist by conducting cabling health checks and maintenance to ensure your cabling infrastructure is running effectively. This will also identify any issues caused by faulty hardware or damaged cables.

Residential Telephone Systems

We can install a range of  residential telephone systems from standard mini exchanges and extensions, to a range of digital cordless handset systems. 
The benefits of a digital cordless system is to guarantee you a fully wireless reception from anywhere within your property and also means less wiring required, which can be very useful in a house that is already decorated and the installation of new wiring may not be an option.
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