Surge Protection Services

Our Service

As part of our comprehensive end to end service, we firstly carry out a full site survey and issue a report on our findings with our recommendations and proposal, including as-built data collection and a quotation to carry out the installation.
Once the quotation has been accepted we will carry out the installation of the surge protection measures for your project or building, including the issuing of the required electrical certification covering the wiring and devices installed.

Why Have Surge Protection?

Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) are used in electrical installation systems as protection devices. They are designed to prevent excess voltage damaging sensitive equipment. 
As well damaging equipment, surges caused by direct lightning strikes can also pose an immediate risk to human life in the event of equipment failure or fire.

The need for SPDs can depend on the exposure of a building to lightning, sensitivity and value of equipment and if any equipment is switching on or off inductive loads which can create a surge. As of January 2019, surge protection is now a requirement in domestic and commercial properties.
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